what colour should i dye my hair next?

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a series of unfortunate events

rec me fanfiction

marching season is starting in june so i'll likely be taking a semi-hiatus then or in july because of how much time will be taken up by band!


Hello my number one dream is to draw an official comic for the folks at Commonplace Books because Welcome to Night Vale is astounding

dreamy sigh

i texted my mum to tell her that i decided to skip american history and all she said was “ugh fine” i love my mum

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sadly fills in “female” bubble on standardised test info

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can u keep it down i am trying 2 reed

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Sherlock jealous: [puppy dog eyes] [defeated swallowing] [inferiority complex]

John jealous: you’ll get taken to a small room somewhere and your hEAD KICKED IN cAUSE you gOT A FUCKIN GIRLFRIEND

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Title: I Wanna Be Yours

Artist: Arctic Monkeys

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sleuthier replied to your post: when someone says they feel like they’…

I must say, that you don’t express it much through your face, or at least not how you might think you do. Because your face goes blank and people think it’s because you’re focusing on their issue since you’re the surgeon type. its hard to interpret

whines softly why do i not express the proper emotional this is an evolutionary disadvaNTAGE

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